"To the degree that a being cannot confront,

he enters substitutes which, accumulating,

bring about a complexity."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, The Phoenix Lectures


Squirrel Census

It can make the rest of us feel rather strange to hear a squirrel make a sweeping, unsubstantiated statement such as, for example, "most trained auditors support the squirrel movement."

The highest-trained auditors in the world are the ones who guarantee the integrity of the Bridge.  They are found in two categories:

  • Class IX (NED for OTs Auditors)

  • Class X, XI, XII (Flag L's Auditors)

There have been a minimum of 350 of such auditors made of whom I am aware.  Probably many more.

Fewer than 1/2 dozen of them are running around bad-mouthing the church.  Less than 4, actually.

Squirrels, then, account for far less than 2 % of highly trained auditors. 

This fact demonstrates the inherent goodness and ethical character of the vast majority of those trained to the highest levels of Scientology.  



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