"The Code of a Scientologist is put together on this basis... If we donít permit our affinity lines to be cut, auditor to auditor,  auditors to organization and organizations to auditors, we will certainly thrive much better, and we will survive much better and we will certainly be a lot happier."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, Phoenix Lectures


What does the future hold?

Old Scientologists, new Scientologists, and ex-scientologists---all need to think in terms of future.  What chance does the world have of availing itself of L. Ron Hubbardís technology if the church is destroyed? 

The answer is clear: NONE.  And that is why we must support the Church as it says in the Auditors Code.

The COB has become the convenient target of the evil intentions of a few squirrels.  Of course David Miscavige is not perfect.  Whoís perfect?  If LRH never claimed to be perfect, why should we demand it of Mr. Miscavige?  Whatever faults he may have,  Mr. Miscavige at least was operating at the create point of the curve shown elsewhere on this web.  And we need more of such people, not less.

If David Miscavige were to disappear from the scene tomorrow, the squirrels would not pack it in.  Their hatreds are irrational and would only be transferred to someone or something else.

But let's suppose that somewhere down the road someone were to come along and introduce malicious, despicable arbitraries into the tech--arbitraries even more heinous than those of which Mr. Miscavige is accused.  What would happen?

The truth is, only in Scientology can you be assured that any arbitraries can and will be found and fixed. This isn't a matter of "hope" nor a matter of luck.  LRH tech contains plenty of tools (Statistics, Debug Tech and the Data Series, to name a few)  to isolate and remedy any arbitraries that may get introduced.  The C/S Series is there largely to locate arbitraries on cases.  Policy is there in large part to eliminate arbitraries that would prevent expansion.  The bottom line is that there are plenty of safeguards in the church to ensure that the full technology gets used.

Sooner or later, and probably sooner, any arbitraries get acknowledged and removed.  That you can count on.



Who and what are the real targets?

While squirrels screw around and chitter-chatter, they take attention off the real targets which include:

  • The psychs, medicos and drug companies who are making millions while drugging our children and our parents.

  • Those who are increasing the ambient levels of radioactivity across the planet and otherwise destroying it.

  • Those anti-social personalities who seek to keep the peoples of earth ignorant of their true nature and potential

  • The Reactive Mind, that part of manís mind which was unknown to him before LRH published Dianetics in 1950.

 That's what the Church of Scientology has its attention on.  And those are the correct targets.