"Freedom for man does not mean freedom to injure man.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to harm by lies."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB A New Slant on Life.


The squirrel history page



I have to admit to some affinity for squirrels.  A few months ago, while walking through a forest, a 6-month old squirrel scrambled out of the brush, ran up to me, and scurried up my right leg.  After taking a second to look around proudly,  he got comfortable and proceeded to engage me in conversation for a full 10 minutes.   There was a person present who witnessed the entire incident (in some amazement.)   Although no camera was available to record the event, as unlikely as it may seem, it actually happened.

The following history of Scientology squirrels is also factual.

In 1968 LRH sent me on a mission to meet with one of the first Scientology squirrels in the UK.  I took, as my second, Jens Bogvad.  We traveled by train to the north of England in frigid weather for which we were ill equipped.    Bessie was advertising her "Dianetics Center" in the local paper and we persuaded her to meet with us at her office.  She seemed a nice enough lady.  She told us she admired LRH but didn’t trust the Church.  She was developing her own auditing commands which she said were better than those being used at Saint Hill.  She admitted she had no students and only 2 preclears.  Saint Hill, in the meantime, had several hundred students on the Briefing Course (including me and Jens) and another two hundred or so on the Solo Auditor’s Course.  Poor Bessie was rather confused and in the end acknowledged it to us.  A few months later she closed up her operation.

Some 20 years later, in the 1980’s, a new gaggle of squirrels appeared.  Their line was identical to Bessie's:  “the church was bad and they could deliver the tech much better from outside the church”.  I made it a point of interfacing with some of those guys, and found that many of them would recant their misbehavior simply by looking at what they were actually doing and the effects they were causing.   In several cases, leaders recanted and burned their squirrel materials.  In the ensuing 20 years the rest of those fellows have pretty much turned to dust.  They are not auditing anyone, and they are not training anyone.  They are gone.

And now, after a passage of a further 20 years,  we see another bunch of squirrels jumping out onto their branches and parroting the same rants and chants as their predecessors.  Squirrels like to tell you how they are new, creative, brave, innovative and saving the world from one thing or another.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Though the Internet appears to amplify their chitter-chatter, the squirrels of today are saying no more and no less than the words I heard being mouthed by poor Bessie over 40 years ago. 

And just as she was gone as quickly as the flick of a bushy tail, so will the modern squirrels go.   Because they so poorly understand themselves and the mechanics of their own actions, they have already lost their battle.

Squirrels have short life spans & little viability.  The Church of Scientology is built to last forever.



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