"Be true to your own goals."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability 




I don’t claim to be an “expert” on Scientology.  In my view a person must become his own expert and come to his own conclusions based on trying it and seeing if it works for him.   However I claim the right to speak out on Scientology “outside the church” based on my experience in studying and applying Scientology and the fact that I was a Scientology and SO staff member for 28 years before leaving the SO  15 years ago.

In my time on staff  I held (amongst others) the posts of HCO Area Secretary Worldwide, HCO Exec Sec London Org,  Qual Sec and Chief Officer AOSHUK, Qual Consultant FSO, Flag Auditor and C/S, and (briefly) CO New World Corps Int at CMO Int.  I did the OEC & FEBC on the Flag Ship Apollo in 1971 and the first Flag Internship, also on the ship, directly under LRH.  For many years I worked as a fully Interned Cl.  IX Solo NOTS C/S.  My last SO posting was as a Flag Class XII Auditor, auditing the L’s in the Flag Cl. XII HGC.