"I promise not to sympathize with a preclear, but be effective."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, The Auditors Code


Squirrel Tech

Scientologists know that an engram (as covered in DMSMH) is a mental recording of a harmful incident in a person's life.  It is the content which distinguishes engrams from other types of incidents.  To be classified as an engram an incident must contain unconsciousness and physical pain such as a severe physical impact or injury, stabbing, burning, drowning, operation, poison, etc.  According to police records, in the past 8 years 130,000 people were murdered in the USA.  During the same 8 years over 300,000 people died in Darfur, Africa--victims of a combination of attacks by hostile militia groups and  lack of water.   In the Iraqi war, hundreds of thousands of civilians have lost loved ones--mutilated and killed by bombs, bullets, and grenades.  These are all engrams, and aside from the death and physical pain they engender, the mental effects can be devastating and linger on for lifetimes.

There’s another kind of incident called a secondary--a mental image picture of a moment of loss  (or threat of loss) and misemotion.  It's called a secondary because it depends on a  primary incident (i.e. an earlier engram) for its charge.  To complete the Dianetics catalog we should also mention “locks”--recordings of times when a person is simply reminded of one of his secondaries or engrams.

I watched a Freezone event the other day on the Internet.  A gentleman trotted out a poor girl who'd left the Sea Org 7 years earlier.  She couldn't seem to stop crying over how badly she'd been treated.  She stated several times that the main issue was that she'd been forbidden to talk to her sister while she was doing the RPF program. 

The point of the event was to get a bunch of people to sympathize with her and hate the church.  So she was loudly applauded after finishing her sorrowful tale.

I am sorry about her upset, but it was neither the RPF nor any temporary restraints on her communication with her sister that was causing all that grief.  (The answer, of course, is found in paragraphs 1 & 2 above.)

The world can be a harsh place.  To survive requires confront.  Reading Freezone webs and posts, one can only conclude that Squirrels are specializing in light locks:  "the MAA said nasty words to me," "I couldn't get my day off," "he slapped me," "they made me have a Sec Check."   Such complaints fill the pages of the Freezone.   No one maintaining such a viewpoint will ever get even close to the state of O.T.

No Scientologist (or even ex-scientologist) should stand for the sort of sympathetic nonsense I saw occurring at that Freezone event.  Help the poor girl to get her freeloader bill paid, get her over to an auditor in the Church with some confront, and get the earlier incident found and run out!

Important advice:

The best advice I’ve seen from one of our brethren outside the church was on an “expert” public message board.  The Scientology expert had left the church for various reasons, but his advice to others was noteworthy:  “People who want auditing should still get it inside the Church because those outside the church are just squirreling themselves and their preclears out of existence. “



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