"People who explain how wrong it is all going

and who have reasons why and who aren't putting it right

are the real crazy people in the universe."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB The Supreme Test.


The squirrel page

  If the term "squirrel" offends your sensibilities, I'd like to apologize for using it in this web.  I might have used the term "heretic" as Wikipedia does, but a Scientology squirrel has always been called a squirrel--ever since LRH coined the term--so we are all just going to have to learn to live with the label.

What is a Scientology squirrel?  It is someone altering Scientology; someone engaged in offbeat practices.  Not understanding Scientology basic principles,  the squirrel starts inventing his own procedures.

Anyone who has read the HCOPLs “Keeping Scientology Working” and "Safeguarding Technology" should understand why Scientologists deem squirreling  a deplorable, even abominable, activity.  Click on the 5 links below for additional data.




Squirrel History

(Life cycle)


Squirrel Husbandry

(Care and Feeding)

Squirrel Tech

(Proof it is no myth)


Squirrel Census

(Latest census results)

Squiwel Gallery 

(They took the R out of squirrel.)