"The wrong thing to do

about any given circumstance or situation

is to do nothing."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Life Orientation Course


Why speak out?

I have personally gained a lot from Dianetics and Scientology.    As an auditor and C/S, I have also had the good fortune of witnessing many others experience gains of their own.

I know for a fact that there are plenty of good people around who know of the great workability of these subjects due to  a friend or family member who’s benefited from Dianetics and Scientology.  In fact, that’s the way most people find out about Scientology.  

There are also many people who, even if they  know little or nothing about Scientology, have the  correct perception that if anything really bad happened, Scientology would be there for them.   

I speak out because I believe the hopes of these people should be defended. 

I have been off org lines for the past 15 years.  But I have been keeping track and watched a few vocal characters dump vitriolic untruths on LRH's legacy.   From my experience,  most people (including Scientologists) tend towards the shy side.  Although the views expressed on this web are solely my own,  I know they are shared by many thousands of others who may not believe themselves to be in a position where they can stand up on their own hind legs and make such a declaration.