" Without order nothing can grow or expand."

-- L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL Administering Justice.


Squirrel husbandry

advice on the care and feeding of squirrels


Anyone seeking to secure true mental health for a squirrel need only shine some sunlight on him.

Here are some questions you should ask of any “ex-Scientologist” boasting that he “practices Scientology outside the Church.”

  • How many copies of DMSMH has he sold in the past week? 

  • How many copies of Way to Happiness has he distributed in the past month? 

  • How many hours of auditing did he deliver last year? 

  • How many student completions has he produced?

  • Who is his Case Supervisor?

  • Where does he get crammed when he makes an auditing goof?

  • How many people has he gotten off drugs

  • How many Volunteer Ministers has he made in the past year? 

Any comparison as to the amount of Scientology getting done outside the church compared to inside the church is as a drop of water against the mighty sea. 

Quality counts

And what about quality?  I was present at an LRH lecture where Ron talked at length of the impossibility of a “lone practitioner” being able to deliver standard Scientology.  Without a separately hatted auditor, course supervisor, case supervisor, examiner, cramming officer, and registrar (to name just a few) you can just kiss goodbye any hope of obtaining standard results on preclears.  This was later written up in policy.  That is one of the reasons almost all of the large Missions of earlier years turned into Orgs (Churches).  It was the only way to expand and maintain quality.

The Auditors Code

For over 50 years, every Scientology Auditor has subscribed to the Auditor’s Code.   The Auditor’s Code, written by LRH,  is an ethical code undertaken by an auditor to protect the wins and successes of his preclears,  much as the Hippocratic Oath is to doctors.   It includes the edict never to invalidate a preclear’s case or gains or evaluate for a preclear in session.   And there is Auditor’s Code Clause 26 which states: “I promise to cooperate fully with the authorized organizations of Dianetics and Scientology in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of those subjects.”

A word about the materials

Because it is a workable technology, it is important that the religious materials of Scientology are preserved and made available.  Perhaps the most bizarre criticism emanating from some squirrels concerns the Church's treatment of those materials.  When I did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course (at Saint Hill in 1968) there were no lecture transcripts of any kind whatsoever.  None of the early congress materials (including the PDC) were available at all, even on tape.  The Phoenix Lectures were only available in a poorly edited book, just released, which had hundreds of typographical errors.  There was no Technical Dictionary, no Book of Basics; the Scientology Axioms could only be found in a soft-cover booklet of poor quality paper which readily fell apart......Do you get the idea?     What an incredible task it was to collect up, edit, and publish the hundreds of millions of words in LRH tapes and written materials. Not to mention getting them translated into dozens and dozens of languages.   Any objective view could only agree that the state of Scientology materials has improved 1,000-fold in the past 25 years. 



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