"Understanding is the universal solvent.

It washes away everything."

-- L. Ron Hubbard lecture:, Gradients and ARC. 


Understanding the squirrels

why they do what they do

Several people have been puzzled about how it could be that a few individuals who once held important positions in the church could now be so busy trying to tear it down.    Of course you can say they had overts, and that would be true enough, but there is a more basic explanation.

They can be understood with reference to the cycle of create-survive-destroy.

Here's how LRH explains that curve in the lecture "Shame, Blame and Regret," given on November 3, 1954:

"At the beginning of that curve is create. 

The center of it is persist (or survive). 

And the end of that curve is destroy.

When there is no creation entered into survival, it of course drifts rapidly over towards destruction."

                         -  LRH

For the duration that some of these squirrels were in the church, they may have worked hard to perpetuate the church's survival.  Any accomplishments in this regard were laudatory and should not be belittled.   But, unfortunately,  in the present context, it’s actually kind of an indictment. 

It is clear that while in the church these folks were operating from the level of “survive” on the above curve when they needed to be up at “create.”   

Survive is down in mechanics.   Create is up at postulates.

So when obstacles or confusions got in their road which they were unable to handle, the only place for them to go was further down scale:  to destroy. 

Now we find them trying to “destroy” the church.  Of course they'll never succeed at that, because people at that level of the tone scale also wrong-target.

The above is fact.  The next few paragraphs are my opinion.  I’ve had no contact with the Church or any Scientology staff or SO members for over 15 years.  But as someone who’s had to make tough choices in his life, both before, during and after my time in Scientology, I take issue with all the second guessing and back-seat driving you get on some ex-scientology and so-called "freezone" web sites.  

If you want to fix something, you fix it.  Sometimes it takes some time.  So you persist.  Saying you blew because you want to fix something is at best hypocritical.  If your aim is to fix something, you don’t blow.

If you get tired of trying, you can decide to leave, but that doesn’t grant any license to embark on a campaign to destroy the Church.   When a recent Secretary of the U.S. Treasury resigned from government service because he was unable to fix the American economy, he didn’t up and join Al Qaeda.   

The guys who left the church and are now busily trying to tear it down have absolutely no intention whatsoever of fixing anything.  It would be better for everyone, including themselves, if they admitted that to themselves, stopped whining and contemplated more optimum survival on the 8 Dynamics.